KX Trainer and KX Zenith
The Ultimate Guild Wars 2 Hacks

When it comes to the ultimate Guild Wars 2 hacks, KX Trainer and KX Zenith stand out as the best cheats available. Originating as a humble project in 2018, KX Trainer has evolved into a formidable tool with over 20 incredible features. Discover the power to unleash Guild Wars 2's full potential today.

Always up to date

KX Trainer is always up-to-date with the latest changes in Guild Wars 2 thanks to its advanced scanning methods.


With KX Trainer's customizable hotkeys, unlimited config files, and other features, you can easily tailor the hack to your specific needs and preferences.

Cursor teleport

KX Trainer's cursor teleport lets you quickly navigate Guild Wars 2 by teleporting to your mouse cursor.


KX Trainer's invisibility feature makes you partially underground, improving your stealth and making it harder for enemies to detect you in Guild Wars 2.

Map teleports

Explore every corner of Guild Wars 2 with KX Trainer's map teleport. We've gathered coordinates for almost every location, making navigation a breeze.

Map making system

Easily create your own teleport files with KX Trainer's map making system. Personalize your Guild Wars 2 experience like never before.

Features Showcase

Discover Guild Wars 2 like never before with KX Trainer's intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface, designed to make your gaming experience seamless and effortless.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with KX Trainer

KX Trainer offers over 20 awesome features to enhance your gameplay experience in Guild Wars 2. With customizable hotkeys and config files, you can tailor the hack to your specific needs and preferences. Say goodbye to wasted time walking and hello to efficient, enjoyable gameplay.

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Unlocking the World with KX Trainer

Discovering every corner of the map has never been easier with our advanced teleport system. Load custom teleport files, create your own, and share them with our community to enhance your Guild Wars 2 experience.

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Introducing KX Zenith: Your Next-Gen Solution

Discover the future of gaming with KX Zenith, featuring advanced ESP, gear checking, node teleportation, no-clip, and a host of other cutting-edge features. Elevate your gameplay and gain a competitive edge like never before.

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KX Zenith's Gear Checker: Analyze Player Stats & Gear

Unleash your strategic prowess with Gear Checker – your all-in-one solution for analyzing player stats, armor, weapons, sigils, traits, and trinkets. Gain a competitive edge by accessing comprehensive insights into your opponents' equipment and build an unbeatable strategy.

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Choose the Plan that Fits Your Needs

Ascend to the pinnacle of Guild Wars 2 greatness by harnessing the power of KX Trainer and KX Zenith. Our cutting-edge hacks empower you to dominate the game like never before. Don't just play the game – take full control with KX Trainer and KX Zenith, and join the ranks of the most powerful players in Guild Wars 2.

KX Free
Our free version provides valuable features to test before upgrading to the paid version. While more limited than the latter, it enables you to experience our product and determine if it meets your needs before making a purchase.
What’s included
KX Trainer
29 / Lifetime
Upgrade to the paid version of KX Trainer and unlock a wealth of advanced features at a price that won't break the bank. Gain access to powerful hacks that will give you an edge over your opponents, all without breaking the bank.
What’s included
KX Zenith
19 / Monthly
Step into a world of unparalleled gaming capabilities with KX Zenith. Unleash the power of advanced ESP, harness the strategic advantage of the gear checker, explore freely with teleportation to nodes, and break boundaries with no-clip.
What’s included


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